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Mobile Certification

HTML5 Training

HTML 5 Development

5 Days (Instructor-Led)

The HTML5 developer course introduces candidates to the new HTML5 tags and elements, for an up to date HyperText Markup Language programming using the new released standards.

HTML5 comprises of HTML, CSS and JavaScript programming all working hand in hand to build stunning applications, with a HTML5 browser forget video or audio plug ins as HTML5 got it covered.

Target audience

Programmers, Software Engineers, Web Developers, Mobile Developers building Hybrid Applications (Front End Developers).


Candidate must have a basic knowledge and understanding of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Prior knowledge of JSON and DOM is helpful but not required.

  • Discover the problems with HTML4
  • Understand the difference between HTML5 and HTML 4
  • Understand and apply the benefits of HTML5
  • Build HTML5 pages
  • Use the new elements and attributes of HTML5
  • Work with audio and video in HTML5
  • Work with new Canvas element to create code-based drawings in HTML5
  • Use Web Storage for offline applications

Course Outline